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Pushing the Envelope

Carlson Productions enjoyed working with Meadowlark Builders in Ann Arbor Michigan.


"Both scientists, our clients were interested in pushing the envelope with new technologies and getting as close to a carbon-neutral lifestyle as possible. They also wanted their new home to reflect their design aesthetics and fit in seamlessly with their neighborhood.

This house is future ready, which means it’s able to produce energy and recycle water and waste, while achieving close to Net Zero energy standards. The gabled roof form is designed to capture as much south-facing solar energy as possible. The south-facing roof incorporates DOW POWERHOUSE solar shingles to generate building-integrated renewable energy.

The home’s design reflects the Not So Big® design philosophy to maximize the utility and efficiency of every square inch of space. The main level of the home was also designed with Aging in Place strategies, including an away space/den that could be modified to serve as our clients’ main-floor bedroom. The adjacent bath was designed with clearances and maneuvering space to allow for all levels of accessibility." Meadowlark Builders

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photography by Carlson Productions


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